Originally from Barengo, the history of the Castaldi family dates back to the 1700s when decided to move to the municipality of Briona, in the province of Novara. Once settled, they began to plant their first vineyard and remained ever since. The following generations have continued the practice of growing and vinifying grapes according to what has always been deemed a work of art, fostered by a strong bond to the territory, the quest for quality and a strong passion for this job.

From the early 1900s, his grandfather Pierino Castaldi showed the same passion and stood out for his desire to experiment and innovate. Famous was his first tractor he affectionately nicknamed “Son of No One” as he built it by assembling mechanical parts of different vehicles at the end of the Second World War.

In 1997 his daughter Francesca Castaldi takes over the business and implements a series of changes aimed at making it more modern. It is worth to mention the shift from the Pergola training system, to the more modern and effective Guyot one, the purchase of new plots of land to extend the vineyards and the change of planting density per acre so as to make it more suitable for modern viticulture.

Annual production: 20,000 bottles

Export: 20% (U.S., Canada, Japan, Norway)

Web: www.cantinacastaldi.it

SOLO NEBBIOLO et vites rarae support to this estate

  • Brand Ambassador at Taste Alto Piemonte event – 3rd edition, March 2019 at the Castle of Novara: undertaken the guided tour of the vineyards with European journalists and importers and presentation of the new vintages at the technical tasting at Enrico Crola’s new Eco-friendly winery.

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