Indigenous at the Castle  14-15-16 Septembre 2018

Friday 14th 2018 was an important date for promoting the territory of Alto Piemonte.

International importers, buyers and journalists were brought together at the Castle of Ghemme (Novara), the town located in the heart of the Colline Novaresi known for its wine vocation since the Romans time. Nebbiolo, the iconic, historical grape famous for  its extraordinary organoleptic qualities and its ability to defy ages, was the guest of honor, together with other autochthonous grapes presented  in the wines produced by three estates: Rovellotti, Pietraforata and I Dof Mati.

Guests were pampered by the owners of the wineries along with a special testimonial of the day, the Italian journalist and “chronicler of gastronomy” Edoardo Raspelli who entertained the importers and the international press representatives in the morning and charmed the corporate attendees at the gala dinner in evening.

The event, entitled “Indigenous at the Castle” rolled between visits to the vineyards, talk shows and technical tastings on Friday the 14th and ended on the weekend with the opening to the public of the new Rovellotti tasting cellar within the thick walls of the medieval Castle of Ghemme.